Rhythm of Love

July 6, 2011
Come on get higher, I need you.
I just wanna live; I want the love we had before.
I want to live for you.
Control my shadows and regrets in this atmosphere.
S.O.S, I need more time, to be stronger;
I’m broken; I’m going to run away.

I’m told to just let it rock, and don’t stop believing.
We’re all at war, tonight.
But the sunshine is the beauty of grace.
I give up my energy, to say goodbye, and just dance.

And when I’m gone, come back to me, before it’s blurry.
I’m on the ride, this new divide, for the imperfection.
I’m not what you see, on the other side.
The resolution? Sing, make this go on forever.

I’m Undone, and baby its fact
I’m not Complete without you.
Shine on in this night divine
What do we know? Are we the waiting?
You ask me how I am, as I’m crawling in the dark.
This is the way I feel, when I wake.
Happiness is thrown into the ocean, in pieces.

So Start somewhere, if you’re gonna… this is your time
to run. We all fall down under this false pretense
It’s our time now, we could run away.
I’m never going back to ok, because it ends tonight.

What a perfect nightmare, when
Somebody told me, that if I had you,
Everything falls. The more you’re with me
I like it, I’m like yeah, this is love in America.

The mixed tape, had all the right moves
And the letdown isn’t that you’re gonna go far kid,
It’s that you’re a monster.
But don’t you know you’re beautiful? Beautiful Monster
Put on your poker face, and radiate your inner superhero.
Don’t be a psycho, because then your love is a lie.
And you’re looking for love and radiation. Not Somewhere in between.

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