All Lies

July 6, 2011
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I say “I love you”
Hug them goodnight
Pretend I care
‘til I walk out the door

They’re good at heart
But they’re oblivious to me
When I say “I love you”
It is a lie

They kiss me goodnight
Listen to my pointless
words, words, words
They say “we love you”
But that is a lie

Lies in my life
Clogging my brain
Hurting me
Pain that tears
Can’t wash away

I come home
I feel like a fake
My dysfunctional family
Is to blame

I never know
How to feel
For these people
Who don’t try
To understand me
To grasp my pain

But lies echo in my head
Nonstop lies
That I am accustomed to
Lies that are
My second nature
Well-rehearsed and
Carried out, by me

I love you, is sometimes true
But I am a liar
I clog my life with lies
That can’t penetrate
My bubbly disguise
I try so hard to break free
Of these lies

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