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July 6, 2011
By amscramchick GOLD, West Allis, Wisconsin
amscramchick GOLD, West Allis, Wisconsin
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A girlfriend cries
Her boyfriend hurts himself
It breaks her heart he feels the need
He promises, no more
He will not hurt himself,
not slash his wrists
Not scratch his hands
Still of death he speaks
She cries
I love you
Those sacred word are said
Between the two
But love her he doesn't
At least so it seems
Better for her
If they break
That's what he said
But still she feels
It is him it is better for
One time they talk
He says he kept his promise
To her
So why if he doesn't care
As she feels he doesn't
Would he keep a promise
To someone so insignificant
To him
To the world

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