July 6, 2011
By ACannon BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
ACannon BRONZE, Walker, Michigan
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Housed in maze of endless pavement
Rotating doors, and a swirl of people—
Like bees
Dancing in and out, side by side, and front to back.
I landed in an urban dream
Where stars illuminate the city
Instead of the sky
Like bright colored candies along aisles of streets
Neon signs and taxi headlights
Pulsing prisms and panoramic snapshots
Of the world
Places where people had migrated
To make a world of other worlds
Separated by blocks of booming buildings
Their roofs masked by clouds
Grown from concrete which grew from concrete
I let the rhythms lead me.
I let the soul-searching sounds of the jazz musician
Reach for the zipper of my body’s being and pull.
I let the shallow swoosh of passing taxis
And the roaring mumble of a thousand whispers
Dip their toes into my blood and house their
Life beneath the landscape of my organs.
I plastered a white flag to the gaping window of my soul
And let the City engulf me

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