July 6, 2011
By mina123 BRONZE, Hasa, Minnesota
mina123 BRONZE, Hasa, Minnesota
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Apart from everyone with no one beside me,
Abandoned there with no one else,
Alone in this world I go,
With neither a family, a loved one, or a friend.

I lived alone as long as I can remember,
And no one knows when will it end,
I have been all alone for almost a lifetime,
And the only things I hear are my thoughts, flying with the wind.

I have been waiting for so long
And I lost track of time.
Waiting for my purpose
But my purpose kept me waiting too long.

And as the days go on and on,
And the days grow into months and years,
Time has left me with no escape
And left my eyes full of tears.

My memories started to fade,
And my sight began to disappear,
My hearing began weakening
And my legs can lift me no more.

Cause I now have to go,
And with no one beside me, to say goodbye.
Cause I lived all alone,
And with the same I shall die.

The time has come and surprised me,
And marked the end of my waiting,
He has come to save me,
From myself and from what I belong to.

The time has come to end this
And with this last words I should leave
Hopelessly desperate for that someone
Out there to be with, but alas,

Solitude can never end.
And living alone is all that could be.
My fate is to be alone,
And even time brought nothing but hopeless fail.

With nothing but the cold bare ground around me
And the wooden dark coffin I’m surrounded with
Down my damp grave.
I should stay here forever, waiting
Waiting for my long lost love

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