Can an NPC be your MLI

July 5, 2011
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I'm so used to games but yet yours is the one that confuses me, I've played so many games yet i have never played one that was like yours. First you picked me out of all the other NPCs to stay by your side, or was it me that picked you...I'm still not sure, but why pick me my stats are horrible compared to others yet you picked me to be a part of your party. We've been through so much now that it would be impossible for me to leave it now, i want to be in your main story line to the very end, i want to see what type of ending we will have. That is still the future though we still have a lot left to play and yet I'm worried, you've been the party leader for quite some time even if you didn't know it, I've grown so attached to being by your side that I'm afraid that we could be split apart and that i would become another NPC when all i actually want is to be your MLI, please give it a shot i know i may not be your ideal teammate sure i have my faults but who doesn't even bosses have their drawbacks, please don't let me be an NPC let me be...your MLI.

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