July 5, 2011
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You know people say on the world there are angels and demons, i unfortunately am one of those demons. A demon can instantly pick another demon out of a crowd, we can tell each other apart just like angels, but demons must abide by rules just like angels. That is what i do not like, the rules are strict and the punishments for breaking a rule are even harder.
You people can just say I am being really emo but the truth is that most demons take control of emos. To the demons the emos are the best suited to be taken over. We demons embrace the darkness just like angels embrace the light. Most of the rules are the same between demons and angels except one, demons are not allowed to let the emotions for a person overcome them.
Poems and people say "the heart gets what the heart wants" I have a question about the and that is what if the heart is consumed with darkness, what if the hearts eyes are blinded by death and greed. The hearts of us demons accept the darkness and so our eyes are blinded with death and greed, but my heart is being pulled away from the darkness by my emotions for one person. The demon inside me is trying to pull my heart back to the darkness, so i am caught in the middle of a game of tug-o-war, between the darkness and the emotions for her.
I can barely do anything all i can do is let the game play out until the end. As my feeling deepen for her, the demon that is inside of me is not powerful enough to stop my urge to be with her. it is difficult to just stand on the sidelines and watch as my fate is made in front of me, I know one day it will come to the choice between the demon or the feelings of wanting to be with her.
Now I am still in this game of tug-o-war I just wish that something will come to stop this for i cannot stand this anymore, it can drive a person insane but I know one day, the girl who i have feelings for will read this and be able to pull me from the darkness that I am now in. but the hard part is we demons do not believe in hope we believe in the things that cloud our vision.
Humanity thinks they can control almost anything but they are wrong. In a demons eyes, in my eyes they control practically nothing, they can barely control themselves. That includes myself, whenever I see her my heart is happy and the darkness leaves even for a moment, but when we part my heart saddens allowing the darkness to take back control. It is difficult to even type these words because my demonic side tries to stop me from reaching out to her so she can see the pain and troubles I am in.
As you have read this you may think that i am being dramatic but the problem is I'm not. This is my life there are only two things that are allowed two judge it and they are me and the demon that i am.

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