What Do You See In Me?

July 5, 2011
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what is it you see in me? is it how i dress? is it how my hairs looks? what is it you see? You saved me when i was falling, and when i felt like someone was here for me i cried, but now i wonder why was i saved? You say it was because you worry about me, and I say why do you worry about me when I'll end up being a pain. This is the price that is payed for saving me, my life is at your disposal yet you don't know that it is. I listen to your commands and follow them without question, is that loyalty or stupidity? Every time you seem down I try to pick you back up yet you act as if you cant be helped. Whenever you are quiet i wonder whats wrong, whenever you seem sad i wanna comfort you, yet i feel as if you are pushing me away, acting as if i wouldn't understand. Eventually you will question why i am always by your side, and my answer is you gained my loyalty from saving me and now i will save you.

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