6 Wolves

July 5, 2011
By 7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
7h3Ru5514n GOLD, Waterford, Michigan
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All that we see or seem is but a dream withen a dream.

Games that are bad dont get played, dont worry i'll play with those bad games until they get good.

They say when you die you see your life flash before your eyes. Make it worth watching.
I wanted to use you, but you have nothing I need. Nothing. You're an empty vessel...

You're a little too 3D for a 2D girl. The more real you are, the more problems boys will have with you...

His hearts up in the air, nobody knows where it will land or who will catch it...

I've never felt alone when I've been alone, the reason why is cause i am never alone. 6 wolves follow me where i go, sit with me when i sit, sleep with me when i sleep and cry with me when i cry. These wolves cannot be seen by just any-one's eyes, they can only be seen when they want to be seen. I am simply a person with a simple goals that is always followed by 6 wolves, each that bring me something special, some make me happy while the others make me sad. One wolf protects me from any harm that may come my way. The second one makes me happy when i am sad. The third is quite loyal to me and never strays away. The fourth one will notice that which i need to know. Now the rest are quite different than the first four, the fifth is always lazy and cares not for a lot of things yet he brings me a lost of excitement. The final wolf cannot help me at all because he brings out my anger and hate to all that don't deserve it. Even though one wolf brings me things that i don't want i still love them all. The reason why i love them is simple it's because they are all me and i am all them.

The author's comments:
This is a look into my mentality, I'm hopping that i can get back to working on this and add more of a story to it but without further a due i present you 6 Wolves.

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