I love you

June 29, 2011
By Chelseanotnormal BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
Chelseanotnormal BRONZE, Alexandria, Virginia
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I love you
3 words a person can say to prove how much you mean to them
But these 3 words together are often loosely said
Said without even meaning
If you love a person you would never try and purposely hurt them
If you love them you can't stand to see them suffer
It will hurt to see them hurt
If you love someone you never want to see them cry
Unless they're tears of joy
You rather see them happy
Rather than seeing them fall
If they love you they want what's best for you
But saying those 3 words mean nothing unless you prove that you mean them
Through your actions
And I'm not talking about s**
Love is like tape
It can hold you together
But you can always take that tape away

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I feel as if "I love you" now a days is so loosely used now.

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