prison wall

June 28, 2011
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Release me from this cage
This prison around me
The walls you built up as protection
These are the walls that are hurting me
The things that you think are true
Might have been at one time
But people change, things happen
New facts and truths are invented
The old one’s slowly die out
These prison walls are so thick
But we live in the of freedom and liberty
But I can’t live my life the way I want to
I’m tired of doing things other think are right
I know whets right for me, but the pressure is heavy
Expressing yourself is a choice
Not a way of life
But behind these walls are impossible to tear down
There are so many levels before I can see the exit door
Trust, love, regret, protection and letting go
These afflictions are stopping me
You say you trust, but you over control my life
Some say there is love, but I’m more of a lust your shun
Live no regret but in your eyes I see shame
Protect me from trouble when I’m striving to fail
The reality is surreal
This surreal life is a nightmare
Each time I get closer to the freedom light
Situations change, more barriers to tear down
I feel like giving crying
But crying is a sign of weakness
As I was told causes more problems
However crying is a sign of giving in
Showing that you can’t do it alone
Looking toward that someone that has the power
Power to break me free, to see the light
Find that freedom and liberty I’m searching for
I know that someone, at times I know he’s near
He gave me the answer to the questions
The trick to break down the walls
But I’m distracted, worried about unimportant things
He unlocked my cell doors
There’s a hole in each wall
A light shining through my ceiling
But I sit, stay, waiting change that already happened
Thinking this will be my prison forever
Even though I’m already free
All I have to do is walk away
Open my eyes, and live my life differently.

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