sink or swim

June 28, 2011
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I’m walking up to the pool, ready to jump in
I’m on the deep end, the 16ft plus
Been practicing my strokes all summer
I’m so good, I could be a pro
Jumping in is the hard part, thinking sink or swim
I jump in and go under far, but I began to float back up
Something grabs my attention under water, lost in thoughts
I lose my confidence; this pool turns in to a giant abyss
I want to get to the top, the horizon, see light
However, I can’t get pass the darkness around me
I wanna swim, I wanna breath
My focus is gone, fate distorted
The more I fight for life
It feels as though I don’t move, I’m at a stand still
My breath is shorten, my energy weakening
I began to think that sinking would be easier
I think about why I took a chance, why I wanted to be different?
My options are in front of me
Fight for life, push towards the breaking point in the water
Or slowly give up, stop breathing, sink, die inside myself
Getting lost in the darkness
It’s my choice, its getting hard to choose
I know my friends are near, ready to save me
I know this giant abyss is just a backyard pool
I know that I can survive, but what will I choose to do?
I know they are near, but I can’t feel them
My movement is minimum, decision time
What will I choose…..?

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