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June 28, 2011
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When your feelings are raw they are easier to feel
I always wear my emotions on my sleeves
Yet you usually see what you want to see
I could hold them as though they were tons of bricks
Or as light as feathers
As thick as wood or as clear as glass
You could never choose, never decide
But when you did, you unusually chose wrong
Why always mess with my emotions
When they are in plain sight
Why don’t you care? You say you do
But seconds later the harsh treatment
I know you care, but actions speak louder
This feeling tortures, gives me misguided emotions
If only if I was only on track, the right path
When a simple correction, or harsh criticism
Wouldn’t get to me, but if I reach the point
The point of no return of I don’t care
I wonder what others would think when I talk to them
Bout my emotions how would they take it?
What’s running through their minds?
I’m not hiding them, they are center stage
Do with them as you please, what ever seems fit
Just be careful, the reaction might alter your life
And my decisions

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