July 5, 2011
By Anonymous

Mom where are you? I call you all the time, but you never answer. Your always in the behind smoking, or talking to everyone but me. Its like you want to be apart of everyone elses life but mine. My little brother gets everything. I won a prize for a poem I wrote but you never want to read it, but little brother wrote a book for his 5th grade class and you read it before he could even finish telling you about it. I do everything for you and I get nothing in return... I know you love me, but im not your favorite so I understand. At least im my dads. You never understood why, but look at how you treat me verses my brother. $300 for baseball, $50 for basketball, $50 for wrestling, but I cant get $100 for volleyball, I cant even get $45 a month for dance... I just wish you would admit what you do wrong, see that every time you leave me for him I die inside...

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