Encephalon Domain: Spark

July 5, 2011
By Ogeechee GOLD, Bridgeton, New Jersey
Ogeechee GOLD, Bridgeton, New Jersey
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I. Rain
The crimson gate is broken
A threshold of fear is finally crossed
Its terrible grasp is finally undone
Finally undone for once

Like lightning the memories reappear
Of a vast, restless sea
It calls out to me

I grasp the helm
And to a new future sail
Sail through the veil

The chemistry flickers and the brainwaves fly
'Til the day I die
Thunderbolt ride
Hole in the sky

II. Hail
With glimpses onward to a future unclear
I watch the lives passing by
Solitary minds in a mortal shell

Ghosts of themselves
They watch the passerby
Trapped in a cage of fire

There are places they never meant to go
Things they never meant to do
Praised the inventions of their fathers
Found a safe place to hide to

Ghosts of themselves
In a mortal shell
They watch the passerby
Safe place to hide to
Love like you were meant to

Reveal to yourself a truth

Mistakes are for everyone

III. Storm
Sometimes I think about the E
What it once meant to me
I crave the feelings again
This heart cannot mend

A rusted gauntlet crushes me
On its wrist it reads: "jealousy"
I'm a victim to my very own pain
The greedy selfishness flows through my veins

Regurgitating screams
They turn into tears
Degenerating dreams
They bring to life my very own fears

IV. Calm
This soul searching
Its lost in me
This loneliness
Is exhausting
Try to see past the mist
Then I see the wrist
Giant letters in crimson red
Jealousy is how its read
Its conquering those jealous powers
With grace of self-confident showers

A door is closed its made of glass
Its locked
Shatter the glass with bleeding hands

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