Encephalon Domain: Through the Windows

July 5, 2011
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I. Newer Lifeborn

When life found this newborn child
When oceans ran with the tide
The odyssey was building up to be
Part of everyone's lifelong ride

The spirit that sailed on the waves that day
Drew something special from the ivy of time
Its prehistoric rambling gave way to
The greatest moments in their prime

The whistling that was heard that day
Never drawn from another vine
The quintessence of another life
Smack dead into the threads of time

Cross over from portal life
Into the action of today
Into the silent milky way
The edge is drawing nearer

II. Borders

Crystal globes are hanging
With lead
Coming out of every side
The sea of questions
Its heavy riptide

A simple action out of consequence
Forever its waiting for you
To take the wrong and shameful road
To a darker side of life
It flows through me
I see the surge of a coming nightmare
Step all over me
To reach the gates of time

Too ready to see confidence
Too active to see crying
Two levels to the omniplace
Two rebels in a bind

III. Knowledge Not Self-Deception
I'm not concerned about your lessons
I'm not concerned about your light
I might be nice, but maybe, just maybe
I'm much more fit for the night

Its claustrophobic cloak I wear
Its nautical seas I do not bear
Letting loose a few demons inside
Feeling I don't care

Shedding darkness where there is light
Feeling everything that's right
The vision is near
The echoes of my calling's clear
Let the pastors and the priests
Reveal their truest prophecies

The end will never come

Nothing will never exist

IV. God's Whim
There are so many things I want to curse you for
Why you let so many things disappear
Things I never wanted to let go
Things I kept dear

So rain your punishing waters on me
Cleanse my body right
I'm not giving in to the life of a fool
I'm gonna do things right

Follow in my own footsteps
Ready to be free
The chains of words have no hold on me
I'm my own society

V. Newer Lifeborn Reborn

...And when that negativity passes
I can always see the truth
To the planet's dark and evil ways
To the shadows angry and blue

Those renegades lost in their revenge
The saddest souls of all
When I finally put my head on straight
I can see through it all
That no matter the anger no matter the pain
The jealousy, and those things in vain
Not living a life worthy by someone else
They say I can't stay, go somewhere else
That sharing love is unbeatable
Anywhere you may be
No matter where you go
No matter how hard it is to see
No matter how hard you cried
What matters is you've found a way
To be happy all the time

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