Now I know

July 5, 2011
At first I had a wall
It kept me safe
I was okay
But alone

It surrounded me
It kept me from harm
I knew that if I stayed behind it
I would never be hurt.

Day by day
As I sat there alone
I wondered
If my wall was protecting me
Or keeping me from the world

I took off a brick
I saw light
I took another
Everything seemed to be alright

The world in front of me
Was so exciting
And frightening
But I kept going
My wall grew smaller
I could see more
Of what was right in front of me
I couldn’t believe
What I had missed

My wall eventually disappeared
But then came a fear
That I would be hurt
Or harmed

I kept going
Not listening to my heart
I wanted to experience life

The first step I took
Was thrilling
A new experience
A new curiosity

They were baby steps
But I soon grew tired of those
I wanted to fly
So I took a leap

From all the stories
I expected wings to fly out
Instead I fell
Crashing to the ground

I couldn’t understand
Why it didn’t work
Why I fell

I wished I still had my wall
I wished that I had never taken the first brick
I wanted to be safe
I wanted to be home

I ran back to where my wall had stood
But I had destroyed it
It was gone forever
I would never be behind it again

I walked away
And never looked back
My first try didn’t work
I was scared to jump again
I was scared to fall
I jumped again and failed
Again I crashed to the ground
My heart was broken

Then and there
I decided
I would never jump again
Too much pain if I failed

I didn’t try for a while
I was alone and on the ground
I still had a thought
About what would happen if I succeeded

Against my will
I jumped again
I soared above
My expectations

Now I know
My wall was keeping me back
Although it protected me
I didn’t live my life

Now I know
That you have to keep trying
To succeed

Now I know
No matter how many times you fail
You have to get up
And when you make it
Your life will start

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-r.o.x.i.U.- said...
Oct. 20, 2011 at 9:01 pm
This is my favorite poem of yours... Its amazing... it just gives that feeling you know? its great....
its so true, also
charlizdris replied...
Oct. 21, 2011 at 11:15 am
Thanks that means a lot :)
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