Dear Humans

July 5, 2011
By coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
coolcat01 GOLD, Pontefract, Other
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Help me understand for I’m confused
I see people smile as they marry
Then this happy vow they use
To excuse this grudge they carry

I see people cry into a friend
Then stab them in the back
Is this the result of the love we send?
If it is, love’s something I would happily lack

I see a lord save his people from death
Then lead them into a war they can’t win
So tell me why I should waste my breath
When all I see is a war between our kin

I beg of you to tell me what is true
Because if this is all we are
I see nothing that I can do
I truly think you have fallen too far

You praise a god that you mould
You use it to control using fear
No longer have the light we hold
Now our words fall upon a deaf ear

We know there is no perfect being
Not in hell, heaven or earth
But we can’t believe what we’re seeing
Dear Humans, look at the pain to which you give birth

The author's comments:
I'm not a really Religious person but I did wonder 'If a angel came down to earth what would it think' and this is what I thought of.

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