July 5, 2011
When did such important things lose their meanings?
When did it become a bad thing to stand up for yourself and others?
Why can you no longer find comfort in those you call your friends?
Nowadays, your friends are people you hang out with at school, nothing more.
Sometimes there are good friends who can offer advice and say everything will be okay.
But so rarely is there someone who is a true friend.
Someone who will walk home in the rain with you.
Someone who doesn't just say everything will be okay, but strives to make it so.
How many friends would stand beside you when it puts themselves in danger? And then how much?
Would they take a bullet for you? Would you for them? Do they, do you, deserve it?
How much would it take for your friends to turn their backs on you?
...When did looks trump personality?
Why do people think others are guilty until proven innocent?
How can people stoop so low?
Why do people like black over white? Is it because imperfections show up so easily in white?
Everyone thinks they are so 'connected' with their phones, online networks, and laptops. But so many people can't name their friends favorite colors. What do you know about them and what do you just think you know?
Maybe I'm wrong, maybe people find it of minor importance, but I hope it isn't.

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Anagam said...
Jul. 9, 2011 at 10:50 pm

YAAAY!! (applause)

ur poem is awesome. sometimes i ask myself the same questions.

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