July 1, 2011
sometimes you wonder
why you cant
just be like them.
you see them all around
wish you were like them
you wish you were
that girl he could never
get off his mind
that one who can
never chose were shes going because there are just so many places she been asked to go. you long to be that one
every ones jealouse over
not the one that jealouse.
you wish you were just like
the others not the one that different not the one that
everyone hate not the one
that everyone only acts nice to
you wish you could be that
one who everyone loves
instead you call her a whore
just because you cant be like
her and than you see her
with that guy you want
and your like um why cant i be that one why cant i just for once have the guy i like and have him stay why cant i be the one
he loves
sometime you think
sometime you wounder
sometime wish

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