July 1, 2011
Everything I am proud of… doesn't matter,
If I am good at writing - she's better,
If I am good at volleyball - she makes varsity,
If I can meet new people - she'll be their best friend,
If I am called pretty - she's called a goddess,
If I get an A on a test - she'll get past an A+
I hate it.
I hate coming in 2nd all the time.
It is like no matter what I do I'll always be second-best.
She's my best friend, she's great at almost everything.
But I still wish I could , for once, come in first.
My dreams are all seeming to slip away,
I want live them out as number one,
Yet how can I do that when someone I love is standing in my way.
I can enjoy life - I cant have fun
Not when I know I'll never be number one.
I hate this sinking feeling that pulls me down,
It laughs at me - says I'll always be in the background,
And I want to break away
Become a better person with a reason to stay,
Sometimes I wish to just throw it all away…
I hate being second-best.

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