Friends Forever

July 1, 2011
Memories scattered on the floor,
in pictures..scrapbooks.. & so much more,
the smiling faces and twinkling eyes.
I desire to go back to that time,
where we were young and it was a free ride,
where we had bruised knees instead of broken hearts,
so young... so naive... ignorant of reality... yet so blissfully happy,
we didn't have to worry about how we dressed,
or how people thought of us,
as long as we had each other we were content,
we said we would be friends forever,
yet they were just words.. & bonds meant to be broken,
& we drifted away & lost sight of that insignificant little lie,
bound to follow our own path..
of heart's desires.. secretly hoping that we may spend a moment in the comfort of seeing each other someday...
but they are all just second thoughts,
shoved in the back of our minds and hearts,
as we lose our way...
never to be..
friends forever.

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