July 1, 2011
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Dark, cold, and unforgiving
A world where life is not worth living
A world full of lies, deceit, and hate
A world where one cannot change fate
But as I drift off to sleep
My empty eyes no longer weep
For in my dreams lies a land
That has been untouched by hatred’s hand
Deep within my imagination
Lies a world of my creation
A world where waters are a mirror of light
Where I wander serenely under a silver night
Where the moon runs deep with a blood red
Where battle weary souls may rest their head
A place where the broken and weak stand tall
Where Elven folk gracefully dance at a crystalline ball
While the sirens sing wistful melodies to the sea
Where silver leaves cloak every tree
Where one is not driven by need
Where ones heart is filled with love not greed
Where magic and essence swath the world in mist
Where the air is filled with peace and bliss
As I wonder through fields of paper flowers
And forget reality within these hours
Far away from my monsters and fears
And forget all the sorrow of the years
Where I can thwart even time
And where every sweet word gives birth to rhyme
A place that is untouched by death
Where all are drugged with baby’s breath
Where every smells bring intoxication
That brings one to greater realization
And where the devil cannot be
Where the deaf can hear and the blind can see
And as the stars dance across the skies
The world is opens up before my eyes
And as I behold all my creation
I began to feel a strong sensation
This world does not have to fade
For as long as I live all I have made
Will overpower the pain of life
And no matter how much I deal with strife
This world is not one of just mental creation
For as long as I’m alive, I live in my Imagination

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