July 1, 2011
All the frustrations and stress build up
Till you can't see straight
And one little thing can push you over the edge
You will lash out at anyone in your path
Cause you are feeling overwhelmed
With things you'll never tell
And secrets that you plan to keep
All the praise you get for succeeding
To have it all slip away
Angry tears blur your vision
And you don't know what to do
You result in violence -
Hitting something next to you
You tell yourself it will all be better tomorrow
That you'll be okay
But the feeling is still gnawing at you - reminding you it will come another day
Breathing seems hard now and you just want to drop everything and give up
Something inside of you however reminds you that you can't give in
Screams at you not to throw in the white flag
You fight the pain and fall head-first into regret
It's painful but you wont hurt others
And you feel somewhat relieved at the idea
You hope the pain with subside
And leave you feeling fresh and anew
And I tell you this…
Don't let stress overtake your life
And tell you what to do
Cause stress can corrupt you and make you do things you will wish you didn't do..

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