Big Difference

July 1, 2011
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Outside the world is bright and sunny.
The birds are singing, chirping, flying as if nothing can reach them.
Outside the grass grows, stands tall and proud, waving to everything in sight when the mighty wind blows.
Outside the wind concurs all.
It keeps people and animals alike in check, showing everything that it rules.
Outside the world is a happy place, with no sin, with nothing better to do than to life life to the fullest.
Inside the house, there is a child, no more than two years old, cowering under a chair.
Inside the house, is the overpowering smell of alcohol,
almost so overpowering you can barely breath.
Inside the house, it is dark, oh so very dark, but not so very quiet.
Inside the house, there is screaming, pushing, blows being thrown across the room.
Inside the house, it is cold, dark, damp, and unforgiving.
Inside the house, people don't know how to live life to the fullest.

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