The Brightest Star

the darkest nights ive ever seen
reveal the brightest stars.
the purest hearts ive ever touched
bare the deepest scars
and eyes,
eyes the deepest blues and greens and browns
pour out the largest tears.
For souls as brave as lions
still hold their darkest fears,
and love''''s deeper and wider than the oceans
still break away at the mast.
passion hotter than suns fire
extinguishes and is past.
and the lovliest things that flash through air,
can turn into black stone.
and we that need to love the most,
we still walk alone.
children who live in wonder
lose that innocence and grace.
as the world takes thier fairytales,
and rips them up in thier face.
still lion hearts as pure as stars
rise in wonder and bare thier scars.
we march through shattered dreams
and we can fix anything.
for love is real, and it runs deep,
though it hides in bend and creeps.
it is still their in every soul
we only have to make it glow.
and stone can again become star
eden restored from afar.
though time may pass and seasons fal,l
fairytails may be restored to us all.
and love thats past may still beat
to tell us what to hold and keep.
to guide our ships back home from sea,
and show us what is yet to be.
though past is past,
and wrongs are done.
I hope that when this journeys done
youll stand with me once more in sun.
this is the last i give to you,
my brightest star,
please guide me true.
for i know my greatest love has not yet come.
through the darkest night,
and though its almost gone,
despite the rising light,
not yielding to moon or sun,
still you pass through and drive me on.

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Snake_Tounge said...
Aug. 1, 2011 at 5:14 am
Awww, this is so sweet :) <3
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