Mary Bloody Mary

July 1, 2011
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Once a beautiful maiden, kind, caring, and loving little daddy's girl. She had everything a young girl's heart could ever desire.

Now tormented by thoughts of her mother's sickening health, of her father's rage and jer betrothals and her father new lover.

Soon to be a bastard, soon to be worthless, neglected, and resented by everyone around her.

Mary keeps her hopes and faith alive through hatred,love, sorrow, happiness and, even anger and rage.

Mary knows now that her once loving, handsom, and effectionatly adoring father will never look at her the way he had always done as a young child, with love and admiration or ven effection ever again.

Forced to loose and give up all that is dear to her. She loosed her right to the throne becomes a bastard child and the a lowley sculary maid to her wicked stepmother Anne Bolyne and her new born stepsister Elizabeth Bolyne.

Now filled with rage at the outcome of the birth the king has found hiself a new leading lady to give him an heir.

Mary dear Mary is all alone and loosing everyone and everything she has ever known and loved or held dear to her heart.

Anne Bolyne begs Mary's forgiveness as sh's tried and killed as Mary's father King Henry VIII finally recieves a rightful heir to the throne of England.

Mary still hopes and dreams of her lost ones and still holds dear and stong to her faith that one day she will reain her rightful place on the thrne and everything will be rightfully her's that should be and she have her reign as Queen of England.

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