July 3, 2011
when every thing else is gone
when your hope in yourself is lost when you don't know where you belong
you gotta keep moving on
gotta keep your head strong
because its a new dawn
its a new day
its like a present
so don't give it away
you can pretend
you can run away
but would any of that help?
when you've already done all you can do
when you've already sung, but you hate the tune
its like having no rytheme to your rap
like being lost with out a map
i can't explain this feeling i feel
its like putting a band aid that will never heal
its hopeless to try, but you cant loose faith
but going the distance is pointless unless your measuring the length
why even try when your being set up to fail
feel like I'm being trapped, trying to escape this figurative jail
trying to break out, trying to be free
in this so called "land of liberty"
where being yourself is frowned upon
where being normal is what everybody wants
perfection is something we all search for in life
something we all search for..
we search for in strife
why cant we all just turn off the lights
where nobody sees and nobody cries there's no need for it cause nobody lies
we can all try to make the world a better place,
but doing this is like trying to solve an already closed case.

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