It all just makes me sick

July 1, 2011
It all just makes me sick,
every picture,
every look on your face.
The huge smile you have
When she walks in.
It makes me sick,
that every freaking memory,
every place,
every sanctuary is invaded.
It makes me sick
that everyone sees,
these scars, this ugly jealousy,
this black shadow.
It makes me sick,
I am seventeen,
that's to young to feel this,
this heartache.
It makes me sick,
that every castle's fallen,
every foundation shaken,
and every fairytale twisted.
It makes me sick,
just to see how dibilitated i am.
How lifeless this is,
and how much it still hurts,
this weakness for wanting you,
it makes me sick!

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Snake_Tounge said...
Aug. 1, 2011 at 5:01 am
Wow, this is so good, and I like all the repetition of the 'it makes me sick' :) :) :)
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