Inspired by Cash

July 1, 2011
Tired of the rap game
And laughing at how long its lasting
I'm about to teach y'all how it should be
Because I'm Mr. Fantastic
More rapper need to be like Cashtastic
Talking about the selling games and its aftermath
About influencing the new generations to begin writing words on paper or begin rapping
Instead of walking around strapped and ready to blast it
Fire off rounds just to get pounded
How about going to school and being academically well rounded?
Yeah, I said something for you to be frowning
Seen my mans shot down, blinded
And if I said I didn't have revenge in my heart I'd be lying
But the sweetest revenge is you not trying
Vengeance is never the answer and neither is violence
So screw all the rappers that promote living the life of a gangster
Because they rap about the dangers
But won't care about the consequences of you imitating them standing on the corner trying to get that paper
And screw the rappers promoting
Walking around being strapped up
With gun nozzles bigger than the handler's hands
Life is more than just those two flavors
And screw the whole "paper" thing if it puts your life in danger trying to get that paper
I'm not trying to make rap something to be made a disgrace of
But the way its looking right now, its pretty disgraceful

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