Not the Only One

June 30, 2011
By SilentTears BRONZE, Sevensville, Maryland
SilentTears BRONZE, Sevensville, Maryland
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in teh soul and sings the tune without words and never stops at all." ~Emily Dickenson

Breathing hard
My feet pounding the leaf littered ground
The wind whipping my hair back
and dry the tears across my face
at the speed I'm going
The trees fly behind me
as I sprint by one after another
I easily dodge any undergrowth
leaping over anything laying in the way
I know the way
run straight here
sharp turn around this tree
jump over that fallen log
The need to get away fills my whole being
until I over flow with the emotion
hence the tears
the world outside these woods is not mine
I truly do not belong
all the pressure,
the demands,
the responsibilities
I was meant to live here
among the tress,
among nature
so simple,
so calming
my escape,
my special place,
my refuge
no one dares follow me
they would easily get lost in this world of mine
the forest trusts me
she allows me in
forces them out
I'm almost there
my place
the eldest tree in the forest
with a trunk so think I can't reach around
it's branches spread out wide
creating a clearing all around
this is my place
that only the forest allows in
I burst trough the last of the trees
and stop dead.
How can this be?
No one but... me?
the person sitting against the tree looks up
"About time"
I stare frozen with shock
'But... how!?'
The say "Your not the only one"
and others come into view

The author's comments:
when i was writing this i origanally intended the ending to be she gets to the clearing and can finally breath, but my hand desided to change that

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