June 30, 2011
By Anonymous

You stand in front of me
Your platinum blonde hair perfectly straitened
Hot pink dress hugging your petite body just enough
To be provocative, to elude to what lies beneath
But not quite flaunt it

My hair is boring brown
My tall body not flattered
By my jeans and comfy sweater
God, I’m comparing myself to you

Your eyes are cold
As you list off my flaws
Like a grocery list
All the reasons
That he should like you better than me

You’re hopelessly immature
But beautiful
Why are you so beautiful?
Would he love you if you weren’t?
You tell me not to get any ideas

Your anxiety
Your fear
Your pain
Your jealousy
Are hidden in your smirk

Because of how he held me
On that stage
Last night
In front of all those people

And the worst part is
The worst part is
There’s nothing to be jealous of

It was just a play
For a stupid high school drama class
And he wanted an A

He doesn’t love me
He doesn’t love me

You stand in front of me
Accusing me of something
I didn’t do
Even though I wish I did
Deep down inside

And I know how easy it would be
To punch you right in your perfect face
To launch my own string of insults
To tell you what I think of you
To do something

But I don’t
Maybe because I’m weak
Or maybe because I’m just that strong
So I let you finish telling me
Why I don’t deserve to be alive

And then
I shrug
I smile
I turn
And I walk away

My soul is weeping
But I keep my face steady
This is not a battle
That I can win
So I decide not to fight it

Is that me being weak?
Or is that me being strong?

You’re cold and calculating an shallow
And he’s a jerk
If he thinks you are beautiful

But you know what?
You deserve each other
And I don’t care
I don’t need to be better than you
And I definitely don’t need him

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