Raindrops and Tears

June 30, 2011
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God knows my heart is in pain
To wash it all away, he sends the pouring rain
To drive away the things that drive me insane
I almost give up, but I abstain
When suddenly I see God’s tears falling as rain
I focus on the rain hitting the street
Watch the steam rise through the weathered concrete
Seeping through my open window, the summer heat
Humid and thick, clogging me from scalp to feet
Then there comes that thunder who is not pleasant to greet
The lightning stinging my eyes as they meet
I’m on the edge of my seat
My heart slows to a steady beat
Then there’s that feeling of relief
“It’s only a storm,” pleading beneath
I rest my body, my soul, my mind
I find peace in God’s lullaby
Dripping, dropping, pouring from the sky
Set aside all my doubts, worries and fears
You can’t tell the difference between raindrops and tears

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