The Way I Remember You

June 30, 2011
By polarbear93 SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
polarbear93 SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
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Somewhere from deep within,
The invisible torture begins, Pulling me past the point of no return,

And leaving me there to choke on my tears and drown on my own irrational fears.

Logic escapes my mind this night, And once again I see your face in my mind.

I must admit that even now,
Your pale icy blue stare, Continues without fail to make my knees lock and my heartbeat slow, As goosebumps continuously spread throughout my skin,

At this simple fact that I'm seeing you again.

Shock creeps into my mind with the realization that you can still make me paralyzed,

I wish that I could blink my eyes, And you'd be in the whiteness of the bright light,

Not in the twisted darkness of this lonely broken hearted night. You don't belong in this world of hatred and tears,

Yet your image still seems to linger here.

I'm terrified you're not at peace, That you're somehow not at ease, Maybe that explains why I continue to see your lifeless body haunting my dreams.

I tried so hard to give you up, But maybe that just wasn't enough. Time continues to pass me by and I miss the sparkling blue in your eyes.

I search for you everyday,
And out of the corner of my eye I swear I see your face.

From the shadows of the darkness, I still hear you whisper my name, And it pains my heart to remember you this way.

The ending result is always the same,

A promising nightmare awaits, Along with a darkened tear that escapes down my face each time I awake.

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