The Twisted Truth

June 30, 2011
In the beginning there was honesty and trust,

With no reason to make the other walk in the direction of disobedience and lust,
However day by day you broke away, And my trust for you faded away. You swore you'd be honest, faithful, and true,

But I should've known better because the words came out of you. You took me for granted and did your deeds,

Then that night you had enough guts to call me.

You swear it won't you,
That you have your proof,
I swear it was because I have mine too.

Chance after chance I handed to you,

Waiting with all hope lost, Praying that somehow you'd manage to prove that it actually was never you.

Of course the outcome remains the same,

The venom in my veins contains more truth than the falsely accused shame that your undesirable words remain to claim. You point the finger of blame at me,

Well honey I'd have to agree, For it was me who discovered your sick twisted truth,

Then I decided I wanted nothing more to do with you.

If your rage contained fury mixed with pain then I guess I'd have a reason to stay.

I'm strong enough to see that your pitiful, un-excusable lies,
And the darkened tears that you fake falling from your eyes,
Are just a mask to cover up the vengeance of your condemned soul. You've been busted and exposed for fraud,

You may thank all the twisting of the truth that you seem to be able to do.

Maybe if you hadn't lied I'd be capable of taking you back,
It's the dawn of a new decade, Yeah, that's honestly what I think,
For the magic power of your compelled eyes no longer flow into mine which are opened wide.
I'll close by saying one last thing,

There's only one way you'll be able to keep me,

That's by the capacity to remember stored in your idiotic memory.

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