Water Over Food

June 28, 2011
By SarahManicMind BRONZE, Walker, Louisiana
SarahManicMind BRONZE, Walker, Louisiana
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"We all have a past - some not so great and some not half bad - but one thing to remember: we all have futures."

They say water is cold, tasteless
They rather have food, flavor
It could be spicy, mild, comforting, or sugar filled
As long as there's flavor, one is bound to favorite the taste
Everybody is trying to find their flavor in this love race
As a Homosapien who lives life hovering in the sky, watching others blend in on the city's small turf
I rather the tasteless, the forgotten
Although, what one rathers may not be what they always pursue
Delusions of the mind play tricks, causing a hunger for flavor
Perfect images cause your brain to turn into jello, making you hooked on the non-existent

My body can't move and my throat feels like sand
My whole earthly system needs water, I, need water
This fatal attraction to food has me dehydrated
I need water, I NEED my water
Playing with these sweet fillies grows tiresome
Spicy stallions grow too hot
The mild and comforting seem too bland
My body is begging for the cold and tasteless once again

As you move throughout my body, helping me breathe out the toxins I've let in
I'm speechless, for the realization of our love finally hits me
Don't know why I left something simple as you my love
You're cold, tasteless, forgotten
Picking up the unwanted is what I shall do
You're my cold, tasteless water
No need to worry my dear, I don't want those fooling flavors
I choose water over food, my love.

The author's comments:
I was thinking about someone I love who is rather ugly and how I always seemed to blow him off for guys who were better looking. Each time I used him, I thought more and more how dating guys who are better looking just hurt myself in the end. Which, led to the writing of this poem.

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