June 27, 2011
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Music is the life that flows through me,
what pumps the blood through my veins.
It is the happiness, sadness, the love in my head.
Music surrounds me, though others notice not,
Drip-Drops of water plunking into a sink,
the clang of metal on metal,
or pages turning in a book.
They all play into a sound,
a melody that can't be re-created exactly,
It's like a rose blooming unfathomably,
or a crack in a slab of marble.
Drums and cellos, pianos and violas,
a sound unique to each,
bellowing into the dark,
like a lantern held up in a dark forest,
showing a path.
Or magma spilling out through dark ash.
Shedding the path of righteousness with a simple note.
It's love in an unimaginable way.

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