Lovely Rose

June 27, 2011
By Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
Blooddrinker9755 PLATINUM, Batavia, Ohio
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Lovely rose How dark are you?
Your petals are dark as blood.
When your petals fall, it drips like tainted blood. Lovely rose How dark are you? Your scent is irresistible. Your toxins fill the air to draw your enemies, your prey to you. Lovely rose How dark are you? Your stem is covered in traps. Thorns guard their most fragile prize and those who dare came near, prick their fingers and blood becomes the fertilizer when the body is poisoned and becomes inert. Lovely rose How dark are you? The Gods are afraid of your legendary powers. They turn away from your beauty to regain their divine power on the mortals but with little effort, failed. Lovely rose How dark are you? I mean really? Everyone begs me to not search for you. I heard your stories, your treachery and your powers. Such beauty is to be sat next to the King himself, near a proper place. Can I pick you? May I smell? Can I withheld your wrath? Lovely rose How dark are you?

The author's comments:
I've rewritten this so many times to remember my original piece. I posted a Lovely Rose poem on another website and got 4 stars once. I was only 10 then. I'm 14 now and I still can't remember what I've said then.

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