I suppose

June 30, 2011
By polarbear93 SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
polarbear93 SILVER, Durham, North Carolina
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You still haunt my dreams sometimes,

I suppose it's kind of hard to forget you after all,

Or at least some of your characteristics anyways.
But it's not all the things that I loved about you that taunts me, It's all the senseless things that haunt me.

You were in love,

Just not with me,

And no matter what you said to me, That look in your eyes for her disagreed.

And that day you accidentally texted me,

Well I knew in my heart that there was someone else besides me.
I hated the way you were insecure, Constantly assuming I was up to no good,

I suppose in your heart you feared I was just like you.

I admit that I didn't have that look in my eyes for you,
But you were wrong for thinking I was cheating on you.

And when you moved in with him, You knew how close he was to me, Doesn't it bother you that I use to go out with him too?

Do you think that getting drunk and living three minutes away can make up for me not coming back to you?

I wonder if I change my number if you would finally forget about me. I suppose none of that matters anymore,

Besides I'm sure I'll see you again soon.

Since I'm subconsciously not over you.

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