past future present

June 30, 2011
I beg to question your perception of my ingression on this loves obsession.

With a thought so rancid and so unrealistic i try to keep my mind to stay optimistic.

But with the mist of your kiss I don't want to miss the bliss so listen to this.

With every kiss hug and stare. U knock my shoes off my feet and leave them standing there bare.

and you are always there. When i close my eyes i see you and you are in every object i see.

So you see you are every where with me.

They say I'm selfish and obsessed. But i say I'm just obsessed with fishing for myself. And you are my self.

I'm selfish for you presence your essence and your blessing. See there is no guessing you are the best and you are the management to my stressing. u are my coat when i am cold. My youth when i am old. I'm loving you obsessively obsessive.

and possessing your love in a form that possessive. But i am possessive to love obsession.

I'm obsessed with loving Loving this obsession of knowing you were the outcome of the past and lover of my life.

Past present future present.


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