two years ago today

June 30, 2011
Two years ago today. you vanished, disappeared, and went away.

tears rushed down my face.

My heart stopped as I heard the news.

I didn't believe it until your sister called me crying on the phone.

What was I to do then? I didn't even know.

I didn't even know how to respond nor react.

That same night I cried a waterfall of tears,

I though I was going to have a heart attack.

A great friend of mine died in a car crash.

and there is no way that he's coming back.

Unbelievable but true.

that day the sky was gray not even blue.

So many sleepless nights I spent thinking about why was it your life that had to end.

It's so hard loosing one of your best friends.

We connected as friends like no other.

We became brothers.

To this day I am still close to you sister and your mother.

I know you would be so proud of me man.

But still people will never understand.

you and I were friends and we were always cool.

We were the ones that kept our baseball team's spirit up by acting like fools.

I walked to your house after school,

When you got you appendix removed.

But you're gone now and there's not much we can do.

You were special to me man.

they will never understand.

your sister and mother mean so much to me.

I love them with all of my might.

I just wish they didn't have to go through this fight.

They didn't deserve this and neither did you.

but rest in peace.

As my friend and brother,

I will always love you


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