Broken Tears

June 30, 2011
By , philadelphia, PA
A scream, an angry shout

curses fill the hollow room
Anger pulses through the walls

A frightened child whimpers

No one hears...

The parents argue
faces twisted into gargoyles of hatred..

The child in the corner,
where no one sees her

Dishes are thrown
words filled with spite permeate
the air,
covering all with a cloud of hatred..

And still the child stays there, and still no one hears her
and her hearts breaking, breaking silently,
and no one cares

The only thing that matters in this small room
is who comes out victorious,
mother or father

Their anger charges the air,
terrifies the child,
yet they revel in it..
even as it destroys them.

...And the child cries,
holing the shattered picture fame with it smeared photo behind it..

smiling mother...
jovial father...
all that was...
....and could never be again

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