The Purple Butterfly

June 30, 2011
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I walk outside and to my surprise
I catch notice of the most breathtaking Purple Butterfly
Alone, not seeming abandoned, lost, confused or distraught
I admire this masterpiece without another thought

Her wings gently flapping
As she calmly rests
I see something beautiful, inspiring, and valuable
Nothing less

Of all the creatures
To ever crawl God’s green earth
This butterfly to me
Holds the most worth

When I stretch out my arm
The butterfly graces my hand
As slowly and eagerly
On my index finger she lands

I am astonished with the courage
Of such a small critter
Then I raise my hand to my face
To see her wings glitter

I feel like the luckiest person
And nothing can compare
To an event of this caliper
So unique, so rare

At the peak of my enjoyment
Of the butterfly’s stay
She turns from me slowly
Takes off and flies away

My very special gift
I try so hard to retrieve
But the next thing I know
She is too far from my reach

She has made up her mind
She has decided it’s her time to leave
And if this choice makes her happy
Then I’m determined not to grieve

I will, however, wait for her
Because that butterfly, don’t you see
Though our time together was brief
She still means the world to me

Although I cannot guarantee
The Purple Butterfly will come back to me
It will forever be my pleasure to say
I held a Purple Butterfly

I’m sure there will be others though
Some I will be just as proud to hold
But none will ever be the same
As my precious Purple Butterfly

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