where i'm from

June 30, 2011
By , phoenix, AZ
Where i'm from, "hoarding: buried alive" is more than just a television show, it was my life.
I am from empty promises and constant depression.
I am from a small series of clear trails,claustrophobic mess and consistent drug abuse.
Where i'm from, the way i was living was "acceptable"
Where i'm from, air compressors lay and car parts threaten to stab you in the heart.
Where i'm from there is no walking around barefoot.
Where i'm from there is simply no house.
There is boxes junk, metal, copper, sterling, brass, boxes filled with electronics
and post-traumatic stress scattered around in the place i called home.
Where i'm from, you could day dream all day, but nothing changed.
You dreaded walking through that door after school.
Where i'm from is a deep sea of hope.
Wishing that the sea could finally consume my fathers mess.
And me.
Where i'm from, being better than those in your family is your whole goal in life.
Where i'm from is where i'll never be again.

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