The Cave

June 30, 2011
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Aching and stiff, I wait in the darkness.
I know nothing except the shadows on the walls,
But I am not afraid, nor am I discontent,
Because of all the things I know, I am King.

But all too soon, my chains are broken,
As I ascend up towards the light,
And I realize now, as the glare strikes my face,
That I never knew anything at all.

The light burns my eyes as the shadows fall away,
Illuminating the things I knew to be true as false
And forcing that into the light which I had never before imagined.
I am small, and I am afraid; I am no longer King.

But soon enough I begin to adjust,
As my owl eyes are opened to the sun,
And the Truth makes itself seen
In the light where it lay waiting.

Waiting, for me to rise above and behold it.
But the light burns brightly still, straight ahead,
Where I am not yet ready to stare,
Because I am not yet King.

Still I remember those left behind
Aching and stiff, waiting in the darkness,
They are not afraid, though, nor are they discontent,
Because of all the things they know, they are Kings.

I can not remain in the light while they are chained to the dark,
Knowing nothing but shadows of the Truth,
So it must be I, to return down to the Cave,
To see for them what they alone can not; and bring light to their shadows.

Only when I can return to the beginning,
And turn from eagle back to night owl
To bring the light to those who wait in the dark,
Only then will I fully know Truth.
Only then will I truly become King.

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