No Life

June 30, 2011
My heart is frozen in this very body of mine
You took what you wanted now get out
I can't want you anymore
you have lied within a forgotten life for to long now
I can't seem to get my brotherly love for you that I once had
now I only want you to leave for your presence will ruin all that is good about my life
You are a loving he** unconsciously taking what can't be yours
You are a dead man tale who means nothing to the smart
only the stupid, foolish, and naive listen to your song
I can't stay here wishing silently that I was with you
that you weren't stupid enough to look at the
parade of life with a cold and dead hearted eyes
This I must say was fun for a little while
till I figured your tricks and games
Now leave for your insolent stupidity
is no longer welcomed at the school of well earned lives
And by the way just so you can feel my suffering
Know that it was you who drove my love away
Know that you are forever cursed in the No Life

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