Loves Me, Loves Me Not

June 29, 2011
You love me, You love me not
I loved you once, you loved me not
I loved you twice but I forgot
You never loved me, you never will
But even so, I love you still
Forget the times that you walked by,
Forget the times you made me cry,
Forget the times you spoke my name,
Remember your feelings aren't the same
Forget the times you held my hand,
Forget the sweet things if you can
I've always loved you
You've always loved her and now I can see,
That the one in your heart was never me
All of those times you held me close,
It was her you needed and loved the most
Its hard for me to swallow my pride,
Knowing that my love was the love you denied
When I see you with her I force a grin,
But really my heart is breaking within
My love for you is stronger than ever,
But I know in my heart we will never be together
So I'm letting you go now with tears in my eyes,
I'm saying my last and final goodbye

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