June 27, 2011
By shreyab101 BRONZE, Kent, Ohio
shreyab101 BRONZE, Kent, Ohio
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I've never felt it,
The gentle kiss of sunlight.

I remain trapped, in this darkness and despair.
I remain cooped up in this wretched little box they call a barrack.
Rumors float:
"The Russians are coming!"
"The Allies are bombing this place!"
I don't know if they're true or not.
All I know as my back breaks from work and toil is I want to feel sunlight.
True sunlight.
Not the sunlight in this hell.
This sunlight says, "Despair, despair, despair."
That sunlight says, "Hope, hope hope!"
Years-but to me, an eternity later,
Years after the toil,
Years after screams of those who are thrust in chambers to be gassed,
Years after sobs,
Years after death,
We are freed.
I can finally see sunlight.

The author's comments:
I know this is awful. It is, forgive me. I can write better, but I was drained of inpiration at the moment.
It portrays the thoughts of an Auschwitz inmate: she/he wants to be free and see the sunlight.

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