I often close my eyes

June 27, 2011
I often close my eyes
to see a hand reach out to me
it's yours; so perfect and loving. longing.
I reach out to it. Trying so hard to grasp it firmly
...but your hand is slipping away
wait, no. They are not slipping away, I am falling.
Into a deep gorge, I fall. I cannot see anything but pitch black.
With a great thud, I impact the ground noislessly.
The only thing I feel is the feathery wisp of the moment with you reaching for me
and that single tear that rolled down my cheek

I often close my eyes
to imagine a ballroom.
The perfect golden chandilier with a million lights shining down on the elegant dance floor.
The ceiling has the faces of angels on clouds peering down upon the room
Sculptures of Greek and Roman gods and goddess' surround the room beautifully
Exotic plants are everywhere
People from all of the city come to relax and find love.
A winding staircase on each side of the room leads down the two star guests.
An entrance so grand is only fit for a king and his lovely queen.
I see a man.
He is wearing the most inexpensive, but glamorous clothing
A small yet gleaming crown is placed nicely on the top of his head
He smiles to me and holds out his hand
It is the same hand that I often see when I close my eyes.

I often close my eyes
and become intertwined with the chambers of my heart
and deepest corners of my mind.
I lock away my secrets that no one, not even you, know.
I talk quietly to myself as I do this, knowing that no one will hear or understand my words
Locking away my secrets in my chambers help me find out who I am.
My secrets are nasty and wicked.
So...am I what my secrets are?

I often close my eyes
and dream of us.
Together we have so much pleasure and joy
If you could see the smile on your face at those moments, you wouldn't know who you were
I see no sorrow or anguish in those double-faced eyes of yours
Our hands are intertwined and you say
"I'm never letting go of you. I love you"
The setting is always the same
We are on the beach, walking on the shore and laughing and sharing stories
on a moonlit night
Oh how wonderful it is!
Oh how magical and enchanted it is!
Oh how it wraps happiness and glee around my love-sick heart!!

I often close my eyes
to imagine you saying
"I love you so much. I'll travel anywhere with you. I'll even go to Hell if I had to."



Then I open my eyes to find
you...right there, by my side.
You then hold out a single rose
"I love you so much. I'll travel anywhere with you. I'll even go to Hell if I had to."

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