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June 27, 2011
By PoetryNinja BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
PoetryNinja BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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Favorite Quote:
"Love me until forever ends"

Your laugh is like a bell twinkling in the summer
No matter how many times I hear it, I never get tired of it
Everyone is hypnotized by its wonder
I can't get it out of my head
It's like a favorite song re-playing over and over
Alas, I do not mind at all.
It is neither annoying nor bothersome; in fact, it's magical
Without it, I think I would go crazy!
It is that wonderous my love
Never wish to give it up...

When our eyes meet, I cannot break free from the hold
They suck me in and bring me into another world altogether
Who knew that such pretty eyes held secrets like the ones that you hold?
Yes, I can see the pain and beauty behind the sparkles
No one can but I
I can see the horror you have gone through when you take me to that land that lies behind your eyes
You practically guide me through everything when our gazes meet
Worry not, love
I understand what you are going through
I will not preach to you nor will I lecture you on "getting a therapist"
But when you wash all that torture away, I see a land never before imagined
It is a forest with the greenest trees and the sun is at its brightest point
Animals prance and get along like one big family
Then you are there
like you have no care in the world

Oh! If only I could see the things that you see!
Your imagination bursts and has fireworks every minute of every day
I cannot believe you have so many things going on up in that beautiful head of yours
Oh, the things that you tell us
The journeys that you have taken while you are asleep!
They may be odd and out of this world, but they are glorious none the less
Trust me, if we all had that kind of imagination, the world would be so much less boring!
There would be so much more action and the people would never be so colorless
The world is your canvas and you are the master artist
With every movement of your paintbrush, you create a little something that becomes a masterpiece
Even with a mistake here and there, it all becomes perfect in the end
And when you are done, the sight of it is gorgeous
as well as the satisfied smile on your face is breathtaking

I have looked at you from afar
Never taking a close step to the boundaries
But now I feel as if I should
I know many things about you just by observing and occasionally grabbing a quick word or two with you
Nothing could make me happier
I only want this one thing
It may be selfish
I know...But, you complete me
I have fallen for Cupid's dirty tricks and landed face first into a pit of love
Yes! I say it out loud!!
Into the crowd I say it
With absolute dignity
I have no regrets and will never have one
So please just say yes

The author's comments:
This has been written in the point of view of a male, but really it can be in the point of view of a female as well if you tweak some bits, I guess ^^;; Hehhehhehehh....Well yeah. I wanted to see if I could think of somethings that a lot of people look for in a person and thought of three that I love a LOT 83 hehehe. Anyway, in the end, I didn't exactly say it, but he is wanting the girl to be his and really wants her to say yes, hence the title. You know the old "show don't tell"? It's kinda weird, yeah...but I thought it was sweet ^^ Hope you enjoyed it :3

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